Open Graphing Calculator began as an exercise that was used to learn a little about creating web applications. And we are still working on it. The goal is to make use of existing libraries to create something useful in a short amount of time. Feel free to fork the source on GitHub, submit issues, and contribute.

We know there are many issues still to address, please report anything you might find on GitHub. Furthermore, if you find this resource useful, go ahead and share the link. Thank you. We plan on updating the site on Sundays where we will put an update log here.

John Redden

John Redden - Professor of Mathematics, author, father of four, and education technology enthusiast.
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Paul Gonzalez-Becerra - Student, pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Working to be a computer programmer, with concentrations towards game development.

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Special Mention: Duane Goodwin ( for faciliting our work on this project.
Objective: To increase the exposure of community college Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) majors to laboratory research equipment, methodologies and current research. *The COS Science Undergraduate Research Group Experience (SURGE) program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. COS SURGE project